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Easy Tiramisu

Easy Tiramisu

This insanely delicious tiramisu without the liquor, espresso and mascarpone is specifically designed for those sweet lovers, who just cannot have their dessert too bitter. The soft sponginess of the savoiradi, the strong coffee flavor and the creamy mousse entwined, will leave your taste buds craving for more. This is

How to Look Taller | 7 Tips and Tricks

While our taller counterparts struggle to maintain the perfect weight, to avoid looking ‘lanky’ or too ‘huge’, if they put on extra baggage; we the short ones are just as concerned with appearing a bit slimmer and taller. Often short people can look a bit broader and plumper than they

How to Win Just About Anyone’s Heart

motivation win friends hearts

The one and only way to win people’s heart is simple, make them feel special. From our parents to our bosses, spouses to our kids, what we most often get to hear about are things we didn’t do right. It’s a rare occasion when a compliment comes in. Perhaps, if

How to Deal with Awkward Situations | 4 Helpful Tips

awkward 4 help tips

You have been invited to Jill’s annual, holiday season lunch. While, for years at this time, you would be frantic to come with a suitable dress to wear on this most awaited occasion. However, due to this major fight you had with her last month over a seemingly trivial issue,