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Easy Egg-less Bread Pudding

eggless, easy bread pudding

When you have a dinner at home, and are priding yourself for coming up with the perfect idea for appetizers and main course, just then it hits you, that one thing that you totally forgot, (especially if you’re not much of a sweet tooth yourself ), is the cherry on

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

This is a family favorite. Its tropical fruity aroma with a nutty twist is just the treat for your sugar starved taste buds. Perfect dessert for lunch on a sunny Sunday, or as part of traditional English afternoon-tea, this is always a winner.   Prep Time 20 Mins                  Cook Time 1 hr 

Flourless Date and Walnut Cake

Flourless Date and Walnut Cake

Although, I have an immodestly high rating of my taste buds, when it comes to picking up subtle flavors and hints of atypical ingredients. Yet the first time, that I tasted this cake at a party, I couldn’t have, for all that my taste buds are worth, guessed the secret