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Twix Cake

twix cake recipe

Ever since, I was 12, baking has been a hobby. For years it was just the vanilla cake with fresh fruits or the straightforward chocolate cake variety. My experiments in baking with the popular branded chocolates didn’t begin, till I was well in my 20’s and my fiance’s first birthday,

Easy Tiramisu

Easy Tiramisu

This insanely delicious tiramisu without the liquor, espresso and mascarpone is specifically designed for those sweet lovers, who just cannot have their dessert too bitter. The soft sponginess of the savoiradi, the strong coffee flavor and the creamy mousse entwined, will leave your taste buds craving for more. This is

Sugar Free Semolina/Suji Ka Halwa

sugar free semolina suji ka halwa

Mostly consumed, in the subcontinent in dessert form or as part of the traditional sub-continental breakfast, semolina is a known ‘health’ food. Packed with antioxidants, it is good for diabetics, people who are anemic or have stomach issues. It is so easy to digest, that in Pakistan and India it

Strawberry Delight

strawberry delight recipe

This easy to whip up strawberry delight will leave you delighted. Perfect for summers, just the right level of sweet and sour. Hard not to fall in love with, if you are an avid strawberry lover like myself, so go ahead and bask in some berry love, while they last.   Prep

Creamy Mushroom On Toast

appetizer snack mushroom bruschetta

This flavorful canape, is extremely simplistic, ready in minutes and ideal for serving at any lunch, brunch, tea or dinner. One of those recipes, which you just can’t go wrong with; a must try for whenever your friends pop in next.   Prep time: 5 mins                  Cook time: 10-11 mins                    Serves: 10-12    Ingredients: 1 – Bruschetta Loaf 1

Blueberry Chiffon

blueberry dessert

Prep time: 30 mins                  Cook time: 5-6 mins                    Serves: 12-14   This summer-y dessert is a berry lover’s dream come true. Tangy yet sweet, with a yummilicious crunch, it’s one of those delicacies, which have the addictive element to them. Once you try a spoonful, there is just no going back, you would

Sugar free Pound Cake Recipe

pound cake sugar free

Ever since, my father who has a major sweet tooth turned diabetic, he started craving sweet things more than ever. As there is not much availability of sugar free desserts in our part of the world, we were at a loss. My mother and I tried to replace sugar with

Chicken Tikka and Vegetable Pasta in Bechamel/White Sauce

Prep time 45 mins                  Cook time 45 mins                    Serves 12-14   This recipe will give you a white sauce that is just ‘right’ as far as richness is concerned. The spiciness of the Chicken Tike, mixed with olives, garlic mushrooms and hints of spinach turns it into a colorful dish that you certainly

Nutella Swirl Cheesecake

nutella swirl cheesecake

If you are an ardent cheese and Nutella lover, this recipe is a must try.  There has never been a time when, I baked this beauty and wasn’t left with crumbs on the plate within minutes. The richness of the cheese and decadence of the Nutella intertwine, to leave your

Homemade Nutella Swirl Ice cream (Without ice cream maker)

Easy ice cream without ice cream maker

This easy peasy recipe is forever, going to change your definition of ice cream; made without an ice cream maker with only, four simple ingredients. Get ready for the title of ‘Master Dessertier’ (now, that’s exaggerating it a bit!!) without putting in half the effort. Read on, to find out