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Twix Cake

twix cake recipe

Ever since, I was 12, baking has been a hobby. For years it was just the vanilla cake with fresh fruits or the straightforward chocolate cake variety. My experiments in baking with the popular branded chocolates didn’t begin, till I was well in my 20’s and my fiance’s first birthday,

Easy Tiramisu

Easy Tiramisu

This insanely delicious tiramisu without the liquor, espresso and mascarpone is specifically designed for those sweet lovers, who just cannot have their dessert too bitter. The soft sponginess of the savoiradi, the strong coffee flavor and the creamy mousse entwined, will leave your taste buds craving for more. This is

How to Look Taller | 7 Tips and Tricks

While our taller counterparts struggle to maintain the perfect weight, to avoid looking ‘lanky’ or too ‘huge’, if they put on extra baggage; we the short ones are just as concerned with appearing a bit slimmer and taller. Often short people can look a bit broader and plumper than they

Sugar Free Semolina/Suji Ka Halwa

sugar free semolina suji ka halwa

Mostly consumed, in the subcontinent in dessert form or as part of the traditional sub-continental breakfast, semolina is a known ‘health’ food. Packed with antioxidants, it is good for diabetics, people who are anemic or have stomach issues. It is so easy to digest, that in Pakistan and India it

How to Win Just About Anyone’s Heart

motivation win friends hearts

The one and only way to win people’s heart is simple, make them feel special. From our parents to our bosses, spouses to our kids, what we most often get to hear about are things we didn’t do right. It’s a rare occasion when a compliment comes in. Perhaps, if

5 Reasons You Must Learn To Say ‘NO’

important to say no

From the moment we are born, our programming begins concerning what’s ‘good’ and what’s ‘bad’. We grow up equating all positive feelings with ‘good’ and all negative feelings with ‘bad’. As time goes by our distinction continues to become stronger, when we see movies, drama serials, we always want the

Strawberry Delight

strawberry delight recipe

This easy to whip up strawberry delight will leave you delighted. Perfect for summers, just the right level of sweet and sour. Hard not to fall in love with, if you are an avid strawberry lover like myself, so go ahead and bask in some berry love, while they last.   Prep

Anxious? Depressed?? These 5 Habits Work Like Magic

anxious depressed

  When you have your first anxiety attack or depressive episode, it may feel like the end of the world. The feeling of losing the ground under your feet, the frantic need to hold on to some invisible pillar, that will keep you from falling, keep you from losing it, you

Creamy Mushroom On Toast

appetizer snack mushroom bruschetta

This flavorful canape, is extremely simplistic, ready in minutes and ideal for serving at any lunch, brunch, tea or dinner. One of those recipes, which you just can’t go wrong with; a must try for whenever your friends pop in next.   Prep time: 5 mins                  Cook time: 10-11 mins                    Serves: 10-12    Ingredients: 1 – Bruschetta Loaf 1