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Hi folks, I am Khadija Usman (Kat), I am an avid reader and researcher. I have travelled extensively, done a variety of courses, in cookery, fashion design and interiors. Self proclaimed, Jack of a few, I decided to start this blog, as a place to share all that I have learnt from my experiences.

Since school days, I have been a natural mediator and motivator among my friends. Reading lots of Dale Carnegie, Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, my dream was to become a motivational speaker/writer. Hence, every Friday I post a reflection, a piece of advice geared towards motivating my readers. Besides this, I have included a special Advice section, furthering the same purpose. is a forum where you can also share your views and reviews on just about anything. Be it; health, travel, beauty, photography, food, technology and gadgets, we welcome thoughts and information from all walks of life. If you have something, splendid up your sleeve share with us at


Disclaimer: As I am Master of none, kindly don’t substitute any advice contained on this blog for professional opinion.