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6 Surprising Habits That Are Not Letting You Lose Weight

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I wonder if you have ever experienced standing on the weighing machine and you notice, 5 kg’s increase from whenever you checked last. And you think to yourself, when? How did that happen?? You don’t eat excessively, heck some days you feel you go without food completely, yet this ‘thing’ called a weighing scale, is shamelessly shouting at you that you are 10 pounds fatter now! It probably needs some fixing. So you head to the gym and double check on the weighing machine there. Voila! Still the same, 5 kg’s more! If this has happened to you then read on to find out, how those extra kilos managed to sneak in..


1. You Eat Out of Boredom

This is the single most, worst thing you can do. When you look to food for entertainment you will end up eating considerably more than you need to.  As the saying goes, you should ‘eat to live’. Eat only when you are hungry. Food is like fuel, needed for a vehicle to function, if you add more than is required, it will begin to spill out. Similarly, eating when you are not hungry and putting excess in your body, will convert into fat deposits. And soon you will be seen carrying around extra baggage.



2. Consuming Packaged Low Fat Foods

These are tricky for more reasons than one; firstly you might consume more, dismissing them, as low calorie foods and eventually end up taking in more calories than you would have with a full fat version of the same item.

Secondly, one way we often get fooled is by not realizing that the low fat foods are not necessarily low in sugar and the low sugar, are not low in fat. To make up for the taste the manufacturer’s often ‘up’ one element instead of the other. Now you know why all those low fat or low sugar foods taste so good?? Basically, because they might be ‘lower’ in calories but are not in fact ‘low calorie’ foods. Replacing them with naturally low calorie foods, like celery, carrots, melons etc is a way more, healthier and wiser option. Besides, the highly processed replacements of natural fats and sweeteners with artificial ones, is something particularly good for over-all health.



3. You Don’t Eat At the Table

eating at the table weight loss tips

Whenever you are hungry, make it a habit that you will eat only at the dining table. That way, you will be more aware of the amount you are consuming. On the other hand, eating when you are in bed or on the couch, while watching a movie is bound to make you lose count of the calories you are consuming. Eating only at the table, will not just keep binge eating in check but also take care of any mess that might otherwise be created; keeping any crumbs localized to the eating area, instead of being scattered all over the place.

Another good thing about, eating at the table is that it gives you quality family time, where you can bond with your children, hear about what is going on in their lives and teach them basic things, such as table manners.



4. Long Gaps between Meals

long gaps between meals

When you are having smaller meals at shorter intervals, your metabolism keeps working at a steady pace and is likely to work more efficiently. The same cannot be said if you overwhelm your system, with large meals at longer intervals. Long gaps have been dubbed as contributing factors to diabetes, as there is a rush of insulin when you bulldoze your body, all at once with a heavy meal. Your digestive system is also forced to overwork as it’s, pushed from 0-level to an activity level of 70-80, if not more.

It is impossible to maintain good weight, without your digestive system working properly. Hence, for better digestion and faster metabolism few small meals go a long way and keep you energized throughout the day. In comparison guzzling down a ferocious amount of calories in one go, can make you more lethargic than agile, as your body works harder to break down food molecules.


5. Eating to Give Company and Eating Out Frequently

eating out

Don’t make it a moral obligation to accompany your husband or kids when they are eating, if you are not really hungry yourself. That way you are just piling up calories that are not needed.

If you are not willfully indulging in junk food but have to dine out frequently because your job or social commitments require you to do so, be careful what you order for. It is a better option to go for grilled or vegetarian varieties and skip on the dessert. It is easy to give in to peer-pressure and extremely difficult to resist as others dig into the decadent molten lava cake right in front of you but self control is your real friend my dear. To make yourself feel better allow yourself a spoon of it, however, if you do not trust yourself to keep it at that, it is best to avoid it altogether. Use your imagination, pretend it’s not there or there are horrid creatures coming out of it, or imagine yourself at your fattest and if you succeed in controlling yourself, remember to give yourself a pat on the back. It is hard the first few times, but this practice of NOT giving in, to temptation can really strengthen your will and make you feel empowered. Next thing you know, it will become your second nature and you might just see yourself not cheating even on cheat days!


6. Not Giving Enough Time after Your Meal to Sleep/Lie Down

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Being disciplined, helps in every aspect of your life and especially in staying within your ideal BMI range. People, who have more or less set timings for having meals and going to bed, are almost never over weight. On the contrary, if you are one of those who delay dinner or hop into bed immediately after downing a calorie packed meal, even if you work-out regularly, you can be sure this particular habit is getting the best of all your efforts to lose or maintain weight. As in this way you give your body no time to burn off calories. The minute you fall asleep, your body slows down and your digestive system does not get time to work and properly digest food, your metabolism slows and as a result you are more likely to end up with additional weight.


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