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L’oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Day Cream SPF 25

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When it comes to hair products, L’oreal takes the cake, hands down, followed by their makeup line, which boasts of, some impressive mascaras and rich moisturizing lipsticks. However, when it comes to skin care products I feel L’oreal needs to work a bit harder. A few years ago, having had a positive experience with their Collagen re-plumping cream, this time what caught my attention was, a sleek, red and black shiny bottle with tall claims of laser renewing your skin.

So in short, this miracle bottle was offering for GBP 22.50, what would normally cost me around GBP 200, in a dermatologist’s clinic for 3-4 photo-rejuvenation/IPL Laser sessions. Needless, to say I caved in. Of course the realistic person I am, I was not expecting any drastic changes, immediately. But what really disappointed me, was that the product is not even technically sound. The dispenser snapped on third application. Mind you though, I am a product junkie but anything I pay over GBP 15, I am particularly careful in handling it. I tried to open the bottle and use it manually instead but it’s sort of fixed and you can’t really twist open it.  review loreal laser x 3 day cream spf 25

Anyhow, I managed to temporarily fix it, but it kept snapping from time to time. I was adamant to finish at least half of it, before discarding to extract value for money and also to make a fair judgment about the product itself. Most dermatologists I have been to, claim that whenever you use something new on your skin give it, at least 2-3 weeks to see a difference. As that is the time your skin takes to renew. So I always go by this philosophy, to avoid giving hasty verdicts. Well a month down, the only difference I did notice was an increase in blackheads and whiteheads, on my oily acne prone skin. So another point to note, if you have an oily skin, steer clear of this cream, it will do more harm than good.

And truth be told, no cream can work the magic of laser rejuvenation, if they could, why would people be paying the extra amount?? While Laser can penetrate deep into the dermis, the big molecules of creams and lotions can penetrate only superficially till the epidermis. So any cream no matter what its marketing gimmick can only temporarily plump up skin whereas, laser going in more deep can help in production of collagen, renew cells, making the skin more elastic and younger looking.

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