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Blueberry Chiffon

blueberry dessert

Prep time: 30 mins                  Cook time: 5-6 mins                    Serves: 12-14


This summer-y dessert is a berry lover’s dream come true. Tangy yet sweet, with a yummilicious crunch, it’s one of those delicacies, which have the addictive element to them. Once you try a spoonful, there is just no going back, you would certainly keep coming to it till the whole dish is wiped clean. Here is a must try recipe:


Marie Biscuits/Graham Crackers – 200g


Eggs (seperated) – 3
Condensed Milk – 1 Can/397g
Whipped Cream – 400g
Puck Cream Cheese (bottled) – 70g
Lemon – 3

Bananas – 2

Del Monte Fruit Cocktail – 400g

Blueberry Pie Filling (American Garden) – 1 Can/500g approx.



Drain the fruit cocktail and set aside. Take a 9×13-inch, deep dish. Roughly crush Marie biscuits and spread half in the dish and keep it in the freezer while you make the filling.

In a pan mix egg yolks with condensed milk, on low to medium flame keep stirring. Once the mixture begins to bubble, indicating it has been cooked, remove from heat. Add cream cheese and the juice of 3 lemons to it to it. In a bowl whip cream. Combine the whipped cream with the cream cheese, lemon, condensed milk and egg yolk mixture. At this point taste the mixture, if it is a bit too sour for you then, adjust the sweetness by adding powdered or icing sugar up to your liking. In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites, till stiff peaks form. Fold in the beaten egg whites in the, rest of the mixture.

For assembling: Spread half the air dried tinned fruit plus one sliced banana, on the cooled Marie biscuits. Pour half the filling over it. Repeat the process, of spreading remaining half Marie biscuits, fruit over it, then creamy pudding type mixture. Top with blueberry pie filling.  You can spread, as one even layer, or spoon it and then swirl with a toothpick to give a marbling effect. Refrigerate, preferably overnight or at least 4 hours. You can serve this dessert in individual glasses as well.


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