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Is Gul Ahmed Actually “Perfect” and L’oreal Really “Worth it”?

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Despite the uncanny similarity, of Gul Ahmed Lawn’s latest 2017 tagline, “Mein Perfect Hoon” to L’oreal’s 44 year old slogan, “Because I’m Worth It”, there is more to the advertisement that’s a little unsettling. Designed to ignite, the fire of women empowerment in every feminist soul, linguistically speaking the cosmetic giant nails it whilst, the Lawn pioneers are a disappointment.

Every woman or rather every human being is imperfect in one way or another. As we have learnt all our lives, Perfection is an attribute, reserved for God alone. So the tagline, “Mein Perfect Hoon” being declared by models flaunting their supposed flaws, sounds terribly conceited. In stark opposition is their statement,”Mujhe accha lagta hai,”. Pinpointing their flaws and asserting, that they make them feel good, sort of loses touch of reality. Who in their right mind, feels good when their drawbacks are highlighted?? Photoshopped, made up, belles don’t do much to uplift the spirits of the much critiqued ordinary women. Besides, I am really not an advocate of mixing up two languages in one add, shows a lack of command in both. Had they used a direct translation of L’oreal, like ‘mujhe khud pe barosa hai’, it could have relayed the message more effectively by catering to the self assurance needs of women without coming across as arrogantly boastful.

In comparison “Because I am worth it”, is a bit more down to earth, as it addresses all women with their imperfections and tells them to embrace their flaws in a realistic manner. From a linguistic point of view, L’oreal pretty much achieves its objective of amplifying the confidence in women, who are ever insecure and critical of their minutest shortcomings. It has the undertone that a woman’s worth is not defined by her appearance but rather by her beliefs of what she feels she is worth or not worth.

Moreover, what I find particularly questionable in the phrases, and the ensuing commercials by both the companies, are the close to perfection models chanting them. How do you expect to buck up the average woman and expect her to start believing she is really perfect or worth it, when you hire above average beauties the likes, of Cheryl Cole, Jennifer Lopez or Amna Ilyas and Aiman Khan, affirming that even they aren’t good enough, as it is??

It is counter-intuitive in my opinion, if their intention is to revive the self-esteem of everyday women. However, if the intention is no different than any other brand which tries to endorse, that even the best can be better, if they use the products these companies are trying to sell, then it makes more sense. Overall, the efforts are commendable, as these companies have tried to think outside of the box. L’oreal, inspires women to have faith in themselves. And to give the devil his due, Gul Ahmed has made a noteworthy effort to break stereotypes. Especially in our society, where women are harshly judged for their looks, ‘tairi naak’, ‘chhirya ka ghosla’, it has managed to challenge the discriminatory remarks, often lavished on our women.

5 thoughts on “Is Gul Ahmed Actually “Perfect” and L’oreal Really “Worth it”?

  1. it is a very uncomfortable add. lacks creativity n sensitivity. certain body features which r natural and God given like skin color, shape of the nose, hair texture, mole, should not be compared with the notion of breaking dress code, which is more of a choice rather something predetermined. this connection is totally flawed. the new Kenwood ad is so creative cant help watching again n again

    1. True Naureen, the comparison of physical features with, our dressing sense, comes across as a little off.. thanks for sharing the clip.. 🙂

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