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Homemade Nutella Swirl Ice cream (Without ice cream maker)

Easy ice cream without ice cream maker

This easy peasy recipe is forever, going to change your definition of ice cream; made without an ice cream maker with only, four simple ingredients. Get ready for the title of ‘Master Dessertier’ (now, that’s exaggerating it a bit!!) without putting in half the effort. Read on, to find out how to whip up this no fuss delight:


Prep Time 10 Mins                  Freezing Time 8 hrs                  Serves 3-4



1 Can (397g approx) – Sweetened Condensed Milk

400g – Double Cream

1tsp – Vanilla Essence

1Tbsp – Nutella


Whip the double cream in a bowl. Once it’s nice and thick, add the can of condensed milk and the vanilla. In a 6×6’ dish, round bowl or a half liter ice cream container that you still have, pour half the ice cream mixture and spoon some (approximately, half a tablespoon) Nutella, swirl it with a toothpick. Now, repeat pouring the other half of the ice cream mixture and swirling with the Nutella. Freeze for 8hrs and treat yourself and your family to the sheer deliciousness of vanilla ice cream, with ripples of delectable Nutella.  Best served, topped with nuts and biscuit.


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