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Easy Egg-less Bread Pudding

eggless, easy bread pudding

When you have a dinner at home, and are priding yourself for coming up with the perfect idea for appetizers and main course, just then it hits you, that one thing that you totally forgot, (especially if you’re not much of a sweet tooth yourself ), is the cherry on the top, ‘the dessert’. If the goal is to impress, that you are the cook and everything is homemade, there is no need to panic, this particular recipe would give you the status of a pro without you sweating it out.

This is my turn to, recipe in dire moments of need and an ideal hot dessert to serve, especially, if you have guests that have the irksome habit of flocking at the last moment. You can serve accompanied with ice cream or caramel sauce.



Prep Time 15 Mins                  Cook Time 1 hr                  Serves 6-8



4 Big – Croissants

1 Can (approx. 397g) – Sweetened Condensed milk

1 Liter – Milk

2 Tbsp – Flaked almonds

1 1/2 Tbsp – Golden raisins


Caramel Sauce

1 Cup – Caster sugar

2 Tbsp – salted Butter

¼ Tsp – Vanilla essence

200g – Cream



Cut up the croissants into 1.5 inches pieces/cubes, spread in an 18×8’ baking dish. Sprinkle with the flaked almonds and raisins. Meanwhile separately, in a pan add the condensed milk to the plain milk and brink to a boil. When the milk mixture, is slightly cooled, pour it in the baking dish with the croissants.  The croissants should be totally submerged in the milk. Place in preheated oven and bake on slow heat 100 degrees, for roughly an hour, till the pudding looks a bit set and goldenish.

Caramel sauce:

In a pan heat the sugar till it melts on medium heat, when it begins to turn an amber color, quickly add the butter, as the sugar can burn very easily at this stage and turn from an amber to a brown (which is burnt) in a matter of seconds. The mixture will bubble, add the vanilla essence now. Lastly, add the cream, it is better to warm the cream by placing its pack in a pan of hot water or heating in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds, in the latter case do it as soon as you put the sugar on the stove, because once the sugar begins to cook you have to work very fast. The purpose of heating the cream a bit, is to reduce temperature difference between the cream and the sugar. Since, the sugar is at almost candy-making stage any contact with a cold ingredient would solidify it, instead of turning into the thick sauce that we are aiming for. You can serve, topped on the pudding or separately.


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