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7 Tips to Get Envy-Worthy Thicker Fuller Hair

If you are plagued with thin hair, you have probably already tried countless home remedies to hair styling options to give the illusion of Tina Turner type volume (or so you would wish). While, bumpits, back combing and a host of other styling options and products are all good temporary solutions, they can be time consuming. And if you share my philosophy, I’d rather put in that much time, nipping the issue in the butt, working towards a more permanent solution to tame those unruly tresses, than spending 30 odd minutes trying to fix volumizing inserts in my hair. Here are six tips, to pump some volume into your flattish mane.


1. Add some gelatin into your life

Gelatin is a protein, obtained from collagen which is derived from animal parts. It is particularly rich in amino acids (which are building blocks of proteins), like glycine and proline. Hence, if taken as a supplement, they help to nourish your hair.

The goodness of gelatin is twofold, not only when taken orally but its application can do wonders also. Take a bowl mix in a teaspoon in your regular shampoo, and wash your hair as usual. The keratin in the gelatin binds with your hair to strengthen it and smooth your hair cuticle. As the protein molecules are partially cooked, they easily stick to your hair giving them shine and reducing breakage. Though, they say too much of a good thing can be bad too, so it’s better to stick to this intensive protein treatment, a couple of times a month.


2. Let the eggs work their magic

Eggs are the single most potent food for hair. They are packed with nutrition. They contain HBV (high biological value) Protein and are a good source of B vitamins including biotin, pantothenic acid and choline. According, to WebMD a deficiency of Biotin includes, hair thinning among other symptoms. Consequently, adding biotin rich foods like eggs, contribute to the well being of your hair. Some of the other beneficial, components of eggs include Omega 3’s, selenium and zinc.

The Huntington College of Health Sciences, states that topical application of zinc, has been shown to reduce hair loss. So not just eating eggs but using them as hair mask also helps. The most effective diy hair mask that I have used to date goes as follows:

1 egg (preferably just the yolk, as the white gets fried, if you wash your hair with warm water)

1 tbsp mayonnaise

1 tbsp of olive oil (but you can use any)

1 tsp coffee

Apply, it for 20 minutes then wash your hair as you normally do. The protein in the egg and mayo feeds your hair back to health, while the oil conditions it and the coffee stimulates your scalp, for better hair growth. The results, are worth all the mess this mask can create.


3. Make friends with food supplements

It’s true, that real beauty comes from within. Whatever you consume has direct bearing on your appearance. Hence, a balanced diet is the foundation for good hair. Although, some people like myself who suffer from thinning hair might need a little more of all the hair friendly nutrients, that’s where food supplements come in.

Horsetail which contains silica, borage oil that has Omega-6 fatty acids and evening primrose oil with its supply of GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) are some of the supplements known to enhance hair health. Also look out for beneficial antioxidants like, CoEnzyme Q10 and lycopene. Perfectil and Wellwoman often have a combination of these in their multivitamins. So popping a pill of either, might be all the tlc you need.


4. Get a little fishy

The silky, lush tresses of the fish eating, orientals is proof that fish can do wonders for your hair. As a matter of fact, hair reversing supplements like Viviscal (which I can vouch for) are based on marine collagen. Salmon, tuna, mackerel, besides being low in calories and a treat for your taste buds, are an excellent hair food. High in Omega-3’s, vitamin B12 and iron, if you are not a big fan of sushi, and crave for denser locks, now might just be the time, you want to reconsider.


5. Customize your hair conditioner


To get extra benefits from your conditioner, you can add honey, glycerin or an oil of your choice, olive, coconut etc. Be careful not to add more than a teaspoon, in the quantity you intend to use, as they can make your hair too soft or oily and make them lie flatter on your head instead. I personally add apple cider vinegar to my Finesse volumizing conditioner, it gives my hair the extra oomph. Other good volumizing conditioners, I found effective were Thicker Fuller Hair and L’oreal Fibrology, though the latter was a bit drying. If you are aiming to strengthen your hair further, Hydrolyzed Protein might do you a world of good. As the protein alone could leave a peculiar smell, mixing it with your conditioner, might tackle that issue, leaving you with lustrous locks. Besides, these changes you could even go solo on beer, which has long been propagated for adding volume to the hair. Its main ingredients, malt and hops are heavily protein laden. You can make it into a spritz/leave-in conditioner or use it, as your final rinse, so the protein clings to your hair shaft and keeps delivering its nutrients.


6. Go for regular trims

A stylist at Toni and Guy, once shared with me that your hair is like a lawn, the more regularly you mow it the healthier it will look. Regular trims help to keep split ends in check. As split ends, can split your hair right up to the shaft, they can make your hair weak and prone to breakage. Keeping them in control, is the key to a bouncy mane.


7. Dry Your hair right

Never start drying your hair, when they are totally wet, that’s when they are the most fragile and can easily break. Take, a dime size amount of your standard serum, my personal favorite is John Frieda’s ‘frizz ease’ or Livon’s ‘silky potion, spread it evenly on your hair. When your hair naturally dries out a bit, set your hair dryer on low, throw your hair upside down, and start blow drying with a wooden brush, (the bristles can be wood tipped even) as wood is gentler and will be kind to your already fragile strands. Once your hair is completely dry, gather all your hair to make a pony on top of your head. Now, go do your makeup and complete all the chores, before you leave the house. Just before you step out, it’s time to undo the pony, n voila!! Now you might even make Stephanie Seymour green with envy!







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