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8 Tips To Lose Weight, Nobody Told You Before (Tried and Tested!)

8 Tips To Lose Weight

Losing weight is a constant struggle. Especially, for those unlucky ones, who tend to expand even with the air they breathe. This struggle becomes especially, challenging when you’re looking to shed a few pounds quickly, for an event like a wedding, a reunion or to bag that job, you want so bad. Whatever, your reason, take heart, help is here!!


1.    Replace your morning coffee with lemon and honey in warm water

morning coffee with lemon and honey

The pectin fibres in lemon, can leave one feeling fuller for longer. Pectin is a gel like substance, used in jams and jellies as a binding agent. It is a complex carbohydrate. Therefore, in fresh fruits like lemon, pears etc, the pectin is absorbed, by the cells of the body instead of the fat. In, this way pectin acts as a fat blocking/burning food. For more information on the health benefits of pectin also see .


2. Exerciseexercise

Experts claim, 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week is essential to stay fit. However, you should keep switching to different exercises and intensities as Arnold Schwarzenneger and many fitness trainers advise, give your body a ‘shock therapy’. As once you start a certain pattern of workout, your body quickly tends to adapt, and then stops responding to it as effectively. Hence, you should try to trick the body by going for something new every time, so it doesn’t know what’s coming next. Such a routine, is sure to quickly affect those stubborn kg’s, that just won’t fall.


3.   Decrease your portions

snack to lose weight

Always remember, that a little tastes, the same as the whole. Whether you have a slice of the pizza or the whole, it isn’t going to become any tastier. Might just make you feel a little sick and a lot more guilty, if you were to have the whole. The golden rule is never eat till you’re full, as it takes 20 minutes, for your brain to register that the stomach is full. So always, always, STOP when you feel almost full.



4.   Start snackingveggies to lose weight

As a natural consequence, of decreasing your portions, you are bound to feel hungry more frequently during the day. It’s these times that one’s patience is most tested. Nail this one, and I assure you that you will be losing those kg’s quicker than you can say ‘hi’ (ok now, that was an exaggeration but you get the hang of it). Healthier, snacks to binge on at such crucial moments are apples of course, a handful of nuts, carrots, celeries, berries, pot of yogurt. Whenever starting a weight loss/maintenance, regime, make sure to stock yourself with all these necessities and keep them handy.


5.  Replace the whites with the brown

browns and whites to lose weight

We all know that whites are more refined and processed. Foods like white pasta, bread, rice etc are bound to leave you less satisfied, as compared to the fibre rich browns. Replace, these with brown rice, pasta and bread, and you are bound to feel fuller for longer. Not only this, but your bowels will be more regulated too, once you make this change.


6.  Adopt a more active lifestyle

cycling to work

Replace, the dishwasher with your hands, the escalator and elevator with stairs, the car with the cycle. Wherever you can, opt to do things yourself, in a way that would exert more energy. As the more active you become, the more calories you are likely to burn. And the more likely you are to shed off the excess baggage faster, and turn into the leaner, meaner you.


7. Try the detox teadetox tea to lose weight

This comes from my grandmother, who in the last few years of her life couldn’t even digest plain water, this particular tea was the only form of water she could have to avoid bloating. It greatly helps digestion. And the better your food is digested, the better chances it will have of being used up as fuel efficiently, rather than being stored up as fat.  You can start by putting 300ml of water in a pan, take a pinch of fennel seeds, pinch of Bishop’s weed (available at Amazon also), some fresh mint leave, one small cinnamon stick, small green cardamom and piece of fresh ginger (optional). Once the mixture comes to a boil, let it simmer for a few minutes. Then sit back and enjoy the soothing potion.


8.  Practice self- control and delay gratification

delayed gratification

The terrible sweet tooth that I have, if it were not for herculean self control I would gobble up a whole chocolate cake in no time. So guys I may have listed this last, but this is the core, it’s the O in H2O, it’s the sugar in the cake, it’s the… (ok I have sort of run out of analogies pretty quick), but you know what I mean. I will let you in on a secret here, the trick to self control is delaying gratification. When you feel hungry, distract yourself immediately, remind yourself of a work you had to do, or finish some work that you have started, busy yourself in something until you realize that you have either forgotten about food or just don’t feel as hungry anymore. This is my secret, the reason I have always managed to maintain a good BMI between 22-24.




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