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7 Steps to Get Over Someone

7 Steps to Get Over Someone

You have been down ever since, the man/woman in your life went missing. Whether, it was deceit or things just didn’t work out between the two of you.  You are hurt and angry, and you cannot help but wonder, “Where did I go wrong?” This particular question can really lead to some serious self blaming and self destructive behavior. And the more you think about it, the worse it gets. Well, stop right there!! I want you to hear me out and try these 7 things, before you label yourself as an epic failure, in the romantic relationships department:

  1. Cry it out and Talk it to Boredom, According to Wikipedia, tears release a hormone (enkephalin) which can have a painkilling effect. Since, you are hurt, you have to allow yourself some healing time before you move on. And an essential element of healing is, first ‘accepting’ the hurt, feeling its very intensity, before you let go. Moreover, nothing makes you feel lighter than spilling out all the hurt and anger you have stored inside, to the sympathetic ears of your friends. Talk until you are exhausted and the topic ceases to be interesting anymore. Do not let this linger on for more than 2 weeks, though.
  2. Indulge in some Mood Foods;Chocolate, is a known mood elevator. It contains Serotonin a neurotransmitter which has antidepressant effect. To name a few others, foods like: fish (especially salmon), oatmeal, walnuts, bananas, pumpkin seeds, spinach and hot chili peppers also have mood lifting qualities.
  3. Treat yourself;go for some self pampering at a spa or salon. In denial, of a failing relationship you had totally ignored yourself and maybe even lost some of the charm that had probably attracted the guy to you in the first place. Get that old, charismatic you back, polish on those mani’s and pedi’s, and get a nice haircut. Come on, you owe it to yourself!
  4. Workout,exercise boosts you both mentally and physically. Not only does it help you shape up and makes you feel good about your physical appearance but sweating it out helps release endorphins (happy hormones) and rids the system of any negative energy.
  5. Get Busy,once you are over with the crying and talking bit, its time to move on. The goal is to totally occupy your time, so you have no time to have depressive thoughts. If you are currently not working or studying, then fill your spare time with activities you enjoy maybe join some dance classes, or look up some music classes, whatever, your interest may be.
  6. Stop Obsessing, a lot of times, I have heard the heart broken whining, that ‘he/she was the best I ever had, ohh I’ll never find somebody like that again’. Well, here’s a reality check even if someone was the best you ever knew, its time to accept that even if they were the best, ‘they were not so, for you’, for if they were, things would have worked out one way or the other. The fact that they didn’t, is shouting out, you can still do better or find someone, who you can really sync with. Besides, that’s hopeless, talk. The important thing to remember is that, there’s plenty of fish in the sea. Its important to believe and have faith, that in this world full of people you will definitely find someone more suited to you.
  7. Start Exploring Suitable Prospects,as the saying goes, ‘The quickest way to get over an old love is to find a new one’. Start paying attention to the admirers that you had previously been ignoring. Sometimes, people we may not be attracted to at first, grow on us. It’s only wise to form an opinion, once we have given someone a fair chance and gotten to know them better. Beauty isn’t skin deep, and when it comes to relationships especially, what matters most is the inner beauty, as the superficial, is bound to fade and get wrinkled in no time.

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