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5 Tips to Calm that Zit Overnight

5 Proven Overnight Acne Spot Treatments

Those tiny creepers are notorious for appearing out of nowhere, right before an important event. When you’re all set and looking forward to the prom, date night or the college reunion the next week and BAM!! There it is, like a slap on your face. And you’re panicking because there isn’t much time left till the big day. Trust me I know the feeling. What stones have I not left unturned, in such instances. It’s been a long journey of hits and misses. So here I’ll be sharing a list of all the hits, you can also use to zap that zit overnight:

1. Try Sudocrem

5 Proven Overnight Acne Spot Treatments – Yes it works! This was a recent accidental find. I was about to go off, on holidays and Voila! 1,2,3 spots appeared out of nowhere along my chin area. I was out shopping, when my sister called in, and asked to get some sudocrem for my niece. As I reached for the little jar, the word ‘acne’ caught my sight. I re-read, and it indeed said it was a healing antiseptic for acne as well. It was like a godsend at this moment of need. Though, before I actually put it on, I had to look up my guru google, for some affirmation and mental satisfaction. And as it turned out, it confirmed that sudocrem contained zinc oxide, benzyl alcohol and anhydrous hypoallergenic lanolin, among other things that were anti  septic and helped to heal skin. I was pretty surprised the next morning, when the redness had pretty much subsided.

2. Apply Lemon Juice

5 Proven Overnight Acne Spot TreatmentsApply lemon juice directly, on the pimple, its known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The citric acid it contains, kills the acne causing bacteria and helps to reduce redness. However, if you have dry or very sensitive skin you can mix it with drops of milk and dab it on the spot. By morning you should see some reduction in the redness. This remedy is not recommended during the daytime, as it can cause a Phototoxic reaction, as the UVA rays of the sun can react, with bleaching agent in the lemon and cause blisters or dark patches on the skin

3. Use Benzoyl Peroxide 5-10%

Use Benzoyl PeroxideI usually go for Clearasil 10% benzoyl peroxide, though there are other brands who provide the same potency as well. The BP dries up a zit pretty fast.

The only downside is, that while it flattens and burn downs a zit, it can leave a blemish. If lemon wasn’t your first option, then at this stage, definitely incorporate the lemon, to lighten the mark left behind.



4. Dab some Toothpaste

Dab some ToothpasteThe thick white paste is the one under discussion here. Toothpaste contains ingredients like alcohol, menthol, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, all are active bacteria fighting agents. While, they are good at drying up and reducing pimple size, they are best used as short term spot treatment only, especially if they contain triclosan which, though effectively kills bacteria but can kill skin cells as well.

In any case, do not go for the gels, colored or whitening varieties, as they may burn/irritate the skin and make matters worse.


5. Topical Antibiotic+Steroids

If you can get your hands on a combination of topical steroids like betamethasone or hydrocortisone, with antibiotics like Neomycin or Fusidic acid respectively, those are bound to greatly help in emergencies.

Although, they are instantaneous in their results yet their prolonged usage should be avoided, as steroids after a certain time start getting absorbed in the blood and can cause systemic side effects.



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